Welcome to the LowDown!

Mike Pic bass

Welcome to the DEBUT post on the Local Lowdown blog! Why “lowdown”, well because it can imply a few things. First of all, as a noun lowdown means “the real and unadorned facts; the true, secret, or inside information” Secondly, since I play the bass it can imply that  lower register where we bass players hang out. Speaking of that, let’s get some of the basics done straightaway shall we. First of all, who the hell am I? Well that is me in the picture, Michael from the band Painted Bones (www.paintedbonesband.com) and a few other bands before this one. But not only do I play in the local scene I also am a huge supporter of what we have to offer here in Arizona in the way of music and music venues. This is the reason I have created this blog/website, whatever we may call this creation. I want everyone to know about the amazing bands and artists we have here in the valley and I want people to come out and explore that scene as well. The format may vary from time to time but I want it to serve a purpose for all of us as well, so this is what I will be doing in upcoming posts. For bands and artists this will take on a magazine style “Q & A” format in which I will either send you the questions or meet you at a show and ask those same questions. All you need to provide are honest answers, a photo to upload, and some information I can use to shamelessly promote your works. This can be website, social media, iTunes link, upcoming shows or releases whatever I can do to get you more exposure. I will be keeping the questions very similar for all artists just because I think it will be interesting to see how we all react to the same questions. For venues I will take much the same route but obviously the questions will be a bit different however the shameless promotion rule will stay in effect! This is all about showing people what great things we have to offer musically in the valley so I want all of us to get the exposure we deserve. That being said, I am openly taking “applications” for lack of a better word for those of you that want to be featured here. My only stipulation is that you help ME promote the blog as well, fair enough?  Send me your basic contact information HERE and I will be contacting you soon. In the meantime, if you want to HEAR some great local music head on over to DLUXradio for a taste. Brandon is not only a friend and band mate but huge local music supporter through his internet radio station. I will also be open to advertising opportunities on the site to help offset any costs down the road. That being said, lets get this thing going shall we?

Photo courtesy of Bad Rooster Images   

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