Fairy Bones


There are a lot of bands in the Valley of the Sun, take a look at all of your Facebook invites, or pick up a copy of the New Times and you instantly see proof of that fact. But once a year you can pick up that same New Times, (albiet a thicker version of it) and read all about the “Best of Phoenix”, and very few categories are left unturned. No doubt you have driven by or walked into an establishment that has a sign of when they were voted “Best of” by the New Times. As bands however we don’t walk around with signs, or hang up a list of accolades whenever we play. As a band you perform and let the music speak for itself. Fairy Bones has done just that, and the music spoke for itself so loudly that they were voted the 2015 Best Local Band by the Phoenix New Times. It’s a well deserved accolade because FB truly has all of the bases covered when they present themselves. Finely tuned stage show with great musicianship, check. Visually stunning music videos, check. Marketing and social media game on point, you guessed it..check. I know I say this about many bands, and it is really in an effort to get the readers out there just to enjoy local music. But if you haven’t seen a Fairy Bones show, you really need to, just so you can experience it. Chelsey Louise, Robert Ciuca, Ben Foos and Matt Foos have been and continue to work very hard to put the best product they possibly can out there for the masses and to push the boundaries of what is expected while doing so, and it is clearly starting to pay off for them. I have to say, I really enjoyed reading the answers to my normal set of questions, so let’s get to it and learn more about Fairy Bones. 

About the Band:

How did you come together as a band?

C: Craigslist mostly, but Ben and Matt met in the Womb

Each of you name up to 3 influences on your instrument or your voice and a short “why” if you’d like. 

C: Idina Menzel, Kurt Cobain, and Freddie Mercury  R: Guitar influences are Kurt Cobain, Matthew Bellamy, and Jack White B: Les Claypool, Stanley Clarke, and some other person who plays bass. M: Jon Theodore, Buddy Rich, and Jose Pasillas 

(Ed. Note, the influences section is where I secretly hope that if you don’t recognize a name that you take the time to look them up and maybe get the chance to be influenced just as our featured artists are)

Now tell me something about the band that maybe no one knows…yet.

R: Our house is more like a retirement home than a typical band house  C: In our house we have 6 dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and one other roommate.  M: I’ve wrestled and killed a Titan with my bare hands once  B: I have no idea what people wouldn’t know about us, maybe that we all love the restaurant Green?

What is the worst or most embarrassing on-stage occurrence for the band or for one of you personally?

C: Embarrassment is only real if you are ashamed of your failures. Everyone fails, just brush yourself off and do it again!

Imagine for a moment each of you never met and you can start a band with ANY musician. Who is it?

C: Rhianna  R: I’d wanna do a really epic cinematic sort of thing with Lady Gaga and Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys M: Thom Yorke on vocals, Josh Homme on vocals and Guitar, Bootsy Collins on bass, and Skrillex on drums/beats. B: Kevin Parker

Moving on to songs, each of you tell me your favorite song of all time.

C: I’d say it’s a tie between Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Love Shack by the B’52’s or Shout by The Isley Brothers. You literally have no choice but to sing and dance to those songs R: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson M: Eat That Question/Willie the Pimp by Frank Zappa B: Silly Putty by Stanley Clarke

Which song do you wish you had written?

C: Lithium by Nirvana R: Hysteria by Muse M: Kid A by Radiohead B: Silly Putty by Stanley Clarke

Bringing it back local, now tell me your favorite song by a LOCAL band

C: Girl.Fear.God by Mergence R: I Move Around by Gospel Claws M: Griff by Twin Ponies B: Oxytocin by The Woodworks

The rest of the questions are all about the local scene, so lets start with what is your favorite place to play in the Valley and why?

C: Valley Bar or The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix. The stages are good sizes, and the sound is always very solid on stage. R: The Rebel Lounge because the history of that building really vibes in that room and we’ve always had good shows there. B: Rogue Bar, because it feels like home. M: Valley Bar because it somehow feels illegal to play there. 

Some bands are considered ‘live’ bands. Do you feel you are better live or on your recorded works?

C: It’s definitely not the same live as it is recorded. If you see Eric Clapton live for example, he’s perfect, and sounds perfect and there is true merit to that but we will never be “Clapton-perfect”. We’re gonna mess up and kick each other on stage and feel it differently live and I think there is merit in that too!

Ok, give me 3 local bands that our readers need to see and hear. 

B: Woodworks, Dadadoh, and Hotrock Supajoint C: Right now I’m diggin Bear Ghost, Paper Foxes, and Playboy Manbaby. (Side note: Robert says that is his answer too) M: Twin Ponies, Playboy Manbaby, and Fairy Bones…I mean Fairy Bones…Dammit, I really mean Fairy Bones. Yeah, that band. 

Give me ONE word to describe the local music scene

C: Growing

If you could change anything about the local scene, what would it be?

C: The apathy that a lot of bands portray, that somehow that is “cool” and hard work is not. 

Your time to shamelessly promote. What is coming up for Fairy Bones? List everything you can think of. 

C: We are recording new singles in August at our second home, Flying Blanket Studios with our producer Bob Hoag! We don’t have a confirmed release date but we will be asking fans for feedback via our mailing list which you can sign up for at www.fairybones.com 

Final thoughts, anything goes here!

C: Nowhere in the Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme does it ever say the Humpty Dumpty is an egg…

As always I will include as many links as possible for you to check out the featured band in as many places as possible. When it comes to Fairy Bones, make sure you watch the video I’ve included and then make it over to their YouTube channel to check out their other video creations. And kind of like the after credits at the movies, make sure you scroll to the bottom for any other outside credits as well. Show some love to the photographers, video producers, and venues that support local music!

Thanks again to Fairy Bones for taking the time to be a part of the Local Lowdown so we can all learn a little more about them!

Fairy Bones Facebook Page

Fairy Bones Instagram

Fairy Bones YouTube

Fairy Bones Twitter

Their latest video “Notes From Wonderland” Please take the time to read the credits and recognize all the local talent involved in the making of the video!


Featured Photo Credit: Rachel Smith at Raysquared Photography 

Venues mentioned:

Rebel Lounge

Valley Bar

Rogue Bar




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