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The best thing about a music blog is finding bands you haven’t heard of until they pop up in your inbox. Which is great for two reasons. First I get to write about and listen to some new music to my ears, and second it means people are reading the blog! Glass Cans is a 5 piece rock and roll band out of the East Valley that the players in some way, shape or form have been playing together for the last 5 years but this band in its complete lineup was born in 2014. Glass Cans is Eric Short on Vocals, Courtney Smith on Bass, Martin Kroeger on Guitar, Joshua Lowe on Guitar, and Mario Sevilla on Drums. You will no doubt find what follows to be amusing, maybe over your head if you don’t watch Adult Swim, and offensive if you drive slow on the freeway.

About the Band: 

How did you come together as a band?

MK: Craigslist. Mario and Courtney played in a band together for a couple years that broke up in 2010. I joined them in 2011 and we went through a smorgasbord of singers and other guitars for 3 years. Josh and Eric joined in October of 2014 and as they say “the sound was born”

Each of you name up to 3 influences on your instrument or voice, and a short why.

MS: Joey Jordison, because I can’t do what he can do and I love it. Jimmy O’Sullivan, another metal guy because his talent is unique and he comes up with off the wall stuff that no one else thinks of. And of course Mike Portnoy because he’s technical and his drumming is intelligent. 

JLNels Cline is the guitarist I look up to the most. Joe Strummer is another because he’s an awesome rhythm guitarist and he’s been my hero for a long time. And…I don’t know..Jimi Hendrix because when I was learning that is what I played. 

ES: Paul Rogers from Bad Company because he is soulful. Bon Scott because he also had great rock and roll vibes and was able to integrate a comic nature which I really enjoy. And Phil Anselmo because of his raw power and range. All of these guys are great storytellers too, which is the main thing in being a singer. 

CS: I guess I’d have to start with…. EL: Murderface?… CS: Yeah! Murderface because he plays with his dick! Actually the first would be Geezer Butler because long before I started playing bass I was really dialed in to what he was doing. Another one would be Robert DeLeo from STP, and Flea because he can do funk and rock  MS: And because he plays with a sock on his dick..

MK: I’ll count them as one but Travis and Claudio from Coheed and Cambria are probably my biggest influences because of their versatility and the way they both play lead and rhythm parts together has influenced how I write music. Jerry Cantrell because there is a simplicity but power-fullness in his playing. Lastly Mike Schleibaum from Darkest Hour because his songwriting is out of this world and his skill level gives me a goal to reach, a most likely unattainable goal, but a goal nonetheless.

Tell me something about the band that no on knows…until now

Eric’s son is the drummer for Concertina!

Worst or most embarrassing on-stage occurrence for the band or one of you personally

All: Bacon!!!

MK: So at one of our shows at Crabby Don’s I either had one too many beers or I got ruffied. So as I was limping my way through the set I smelled bacon coming from the kitchen. I got a one track mind for bacon so in between each song I only talked about bacon and demanded bacon. The rest of the band was not amused, so needless to say I pace myself before shows now. 

Pretend all of you never met and you can start a band with ANY musician, who is it?

MK: I’m going with David Gilmour, I would start a band with David Gilmour. 

JL: Keith Moon

MS: Synyster Gates

CS: Lane Staley

ES: I never thought of musicians that way, I’ll say Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap MK: Just don’t be the drummer!


Each of you tell me your favorite song of all time

CS: Damn! It changes every week! 

MK: It’s 2 songs but really one song 10,000 Days/Wings for Marie by Tool

MS: The song I probably listen to the most is Run Rabbit Run by Eminem

CS: I can’t remember the name but it’s by AC/DC MK: Big Balls, It’s Big Balls ES: Touch Too Much? CS: YES! Touch Too Much 

ES: I’m doing the cop out because I could never do justice to a great song. I refuse to answer the question!

JL: I’m going with “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter. The song changes a lot and I saw them live in concert and it started raining in the middle of the song. He went around and played every instrument on stage which is a shit-ton of instruments because the rest of the band cleared out. I love that song.

What song do you wish you had written?

MK: Wish You Were Here ES: What’s the latest Taylor Swift tune? JL: Happy Birthday, Royalties baby! MS: Moving On by Asking Alexandria CS: One by Metallica ES: Ok, I’ll say probably Christmas Day by Sevendust. 

Now tell me your favorite song by a LOCAL band

JL: Reckless! (Glass Cans song)

CS: I’d rather be Rich and Dead by Mighty Sphincter

MK: Backwater by the Meat Puppets

ES: Blood Eagle by Concertina ES: cute. ES: My second favorite is Just Another War by Camel Enamel

MS: Fallen by Bless the Fall

JL: I don’t know, I haven’t gotten out much (To be fair he is an LA transplant)

Local Questions: 

Favorite place to play live, and why?

CS: Any place that will have us! 

MS: Crabby Don’s man! They are awesome Editors note: Sadly, Crabby Don’s closed on Memorial Day of 2016. One of too many local venues gone by the wayside for one reason or another. 

JL: Yucca is fun to play at, cool people and a fun venue. 

Some bands are considered live bands. Do you feel you are better live or on your recorded works?

MK: Definitely live. We kind of rush through recording too much so the live show is a much better representation.

Name 3 local bands our readers need to see or hear

MK: Concertina MS: Sectas and uhh.. MK: Vagiant! But they broke up…

Give me ONE word to describe the local music scene. 

ES: Underrated. There’s a lot of good shit out there that no one knows about

MK: Supportive. We’re a little new to the block but every band we’ve played with have been cool and super supportive. Things like this blog and DLUX Radio are great resources for local music which is awesome. 

If you could change anything about the local scene, what would it be?

ES: I would change the way people view the local scene. People all say the same thing “All the shit on the radio sounds the same” but no one will get out of their house on a Thursday night to check out new fresh music. 

JL: We could put a Pokemon monster at the venues!

ES: People need to get our more and support instead of just looking on Spotify for new stuff. Like we said earlier our recordings are way different than a live show. Live music is a whole different animal!

Your time to shamelessly promote, what is coming up for the band?

We are taking a short break from live shows to record our next EP, so that’s the focus right now. We currently have an EP titled “Incidents at the Pub” available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, all that stuff. Throw us a Like on our Facebook page, check out our Reverbnation page. Our website is still under construction until our web designer gets off his lazy ass (it’s Josh) We have a YouTube page with live videos. Just like us everywhere, tell your friends, tell your family, play our music for your dog!

Final thoughts, anything goes!

Rock and Roll ya pukes! CS: And get the fuck out of the way when you are on the Freeway!

So where do you find Glass Cans? As always I have include links to as many places as possible!

Glass Cans Facebook

Reverbnation Page:

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