The Sink or Swim

Have you heard of The Sink or Swim? If you haven’t you probably will soon, and you will be glad you did. I had the pleasure of meeting these fine young men as both of our bands were preparing to play at the Marquee Theater opening for Soul Asylum in July. I was impressed when I looked up their music before the show, but after seeing them comparison. They rocked the stage like nobody’s business. I for one, hope to share the stage with these guys again. Humble attitudes, great songs and serious musical chops. Nate, Lou, Niel, and newest addition Derek make up The Sink or Swim which pardon the pun, are making waves in the local scene. 


How did the band come together?

Lou: Nate and I moved here from Ohio and we met Niel who is from Israel. Derek was actually a bandmate from Ohio and just recently moved out to join this project.

Give me up to 3 influences on your instrument or voice

Lou: Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys

Nate: Jeff Lynne of ELO

Niel: Flea of RHCP

Derek: The Beatles (Ed. Note: That’s technically 4 but it is the Beatles so we allow it)

Tell me something about the band that no one knows, at least not until now.

We are the first Parkour band. (I need to clarify if this means EVER, or in Arizona, and I think we need an on stage demo)

Worst or most embarrassing on stage occurrence, either personally or as a band

Honestly, something ridiculous happens at every show so it is really hard to pinpoint.

Ok, let’s say none of you ever met and you can start a band with any musician, who is it?

Lou: Alex Turner, Jack White, and Niel

Nate: Mike Tyson, in a band called “Pass the Mike” where I play quarterback

Derek: Don Henley, John Entwistle, Ray Manzarek and uhh..Eric Clapton

Niel: John Frusciante, Brad Wilks, and Jack Black


Each of you give me your favorite song of all time

Lou: 505 by Arctic Monkeys

Nate: Catalina Breeze By The Blue Jean Committee

Derek: Piano Man by Billy Joel

Niel: Aeroplane by RHCP

What song do you WISH you had written?

Lou: All Apologies by Nirvana

Nate: Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Niel: Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

How about your favorite song by a LOCAL Band?

Lou: You Wouldn’t Be Shit by Headstrum

Nate: Any song by T.O.S.O

Derek: Nineteen by Westbrook

Niel: Twenty by Phantom Party


What is the best way to hear The Sink or Swim, Live at a venue or on your EP?

Honestly, we think that our live show blows recordings out of the water. It is a total experience and we do different things live. Listen to the music but definitely come out to a live show!

Give me 3 local bands our readers need to see or hear

  1. Sunday at Noon
  2. Headstrum
  3. T.O.S.O

Give me just ONE word to describe the local scene.


What if anything would you change about the local music scene?

We really think the scene is going places. There are a lot of bands with very original sounds bringing something new to the table. House shows are happening more often and people want to bring their music to the table. The only thing we ask is please don’t play Pokemon Go at our shows!!

You can officially self promote now. What is coming up for The Sink or Swim, list everything

  • Thursday September 8th is the “High Tides” EP release show at The Rebel Lounge. We have tickets for it so just message the band. This is our second release and we want it to be huge. We will be playing with Sunday at Noon, Headstrum, and EL West. It will be a great show! You don’t want to miss it!
  • We are also playing Sounds of Seamus at Seamus McCaffrey’s to raise money to bring music to underprivileged kids
  • Lastly we are playing JamFest at Cooperstown on Sept 24th with a bunch of great bands

Any Final Thoughts?

Come to our EP Release show!

As always I love to share links to music, videos, and social media outlets where you can find the featured artists so please find The Sink or Swim wherever you choose!

The Sink or Swim on Facebook

The Sink or Swim on Instagram





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