Divided Minds

Photo Credit: Surreal Sister

 Divided Minds describes themselves as an “energetic pop-punk” band and I can agree with that statement on all fronts. I had the pleasure of sharing the same stage with these young guys at Ball-A-Palooza back in February and was blown away by the energy, the musicianship, and the professionalism they showed. It is evident very quickly into a Divided Minds show that they have taken their time to perfect all aspects of their performance. Add to that the fact that they are all level headed and respectful guys and you have a formula for a band that has some staying power and could really go places in the future. The lineup for Divided Minds is Sean on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Joshua on lead guitar; Ethan on bass and backing vocals; and Deven on drums. Their resume already includes opening for The Summer Set, Ice Nine Kills and other national acts. Let’s get to know a little more about Divided Minds!


1. How did you come together as a band?

Sean, Josh and Ethan met at a Rock Band Workshop and needed a drummer. Deven actually came along through a chance meeting at a Circle K convenience store. Sean ran into Deven’s sister and asked her to help connect him with her brother because Sean knew he was a drummer. We all had the same ideas and the band started from there. 

2. Give me up to 3 influences on your instrument or voice

Josh: Dave Grohl, Mark Hoppus, and BB King

Sean: Adam Jones(Tool), Adam Gontier(3 Days Grace) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot)

Deven: Tre Cool (Green Day), Ryan Dawson (All Time Low) and Dani Abasi (Neck Deep)

Ethan: Gerard Way, Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember) and Jeff Hill (My Enemies and I)

3. Tell me something about the band nobody knows, until now.

Sean: Josh tried out for Cheer!

4. Worst or most embarrassing on stage occurrence for the band or one of you personally. 

Band: Worst occurrence was performing in the back of a mattress store. Everyone entered through the front and had to walk through the store. The stage was rickety and felt like it would break. We were afraid to even move the stage, and the PA only worked intermittently. Oh, and it was also summer in Phoenix with no A/C in the store. It was a learning experience. 

5. Pretend each of you never met and could start a band with ANY musician, who is it?

Josh: Flea from RHCP

Sean: Mark Morton of Lamb of God, Danny Carey of Tool, and Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne

Deven: Alex Gascon of All Time Low

Ethan: Shawn Walker from The White Noise


6. Each of you tell me your favorite song of all time.

Deven: Basket Case by Green Day

Sean: Expose by A Day To Remember

Josh: Dammit by Blink 182

Ethan: You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance by A Day To Remember

7. What song do you WISH you had written?

Ethan: Parables by My Enemies and I

Sean: If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember

Deven: Weightless by All Time Low

Josh: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

8. Now tell me your favorite song by a LOCAL band

Whole Band: Last Night by Figure It Out and Intoxicated by Figure It Out , Sorry that was more than one (Ed. Note: I would have let them get away with one each 🙂 )


9. What is your favorite place to play live and why?

Whole band: The Nile, it is a great stage and has lots of room. (Ed. Note: Once you see a DM show, you will know why they want lots of room)

10. The Best way to hear you, live at a venue or on a recorded work?

Whole band: Best way to hear us is live at a venue. We have a great high energy show and love engaging with the crowd. It is such a fun experience! Our recordings are great but you need to come see us in person for the whole Divided Minds experience. 

11. Name 3 local bands that our readers need to see or hear

Whole band: Go Ask Alice, Figure It Out, and Analog Outlaws

12. Try and give me ONE word to describe the local music scene


13. What, if anything, would you change about the local scene?

We’d like to see more collaboration and community among the bands in town. 

14. It’s your chance to shamelessly promote yourselves. What is coming up for you? Feel free to list anything and everything. 

In September we finished our music video for “Fine With It” and its up on YouTube now (Link included below). We are performing at Mesa Music Festival in November, and we are currently competing in the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Contest. We will also be performing at Tempe Marketplace in February 2017. We have some really cool stuff coming up, so please follow us on social media. We are very active on there and will post all news and shows!

15. Final Thoughts? Anything goes here as well. 

We want to thank Mike for having us on the blog. It’s always a rad time and we love what you are doing for the local scene!

I would like to thank Divided Minds for taking the time to do the interview, and for the great support they showed for the Ball A Palooza cancer awareness fundraiser. Keep the upward momentum going!

As always, here are the various places you can find Divided Minds online, and a little taste of what they have to offer.


Divided Minds Facebook

Divided Minds Twitter

Divided Minds on Instagram

YouTube Channel

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