Dually Noted By Captain Squeegee


CAUTION! You might be immensely entertained by the latest video from Captain Squeegee! I don’t think I have the street “cred” yet as a blog to truly review the video but we all start somewhere right? “Dually Noted” is absolutely a work of art that begs to be shared and viewed. Trust me, it is worth your time and you will probably want to watch it more than once.  (Video link below)

“Dually Noted” is a crowd favorite from their full-length album To The Bardos! and this is actually their fifth music video from the aforementioned release. There are two things you can always count on with this band, amazing live shows, and equally amazing music video productions. I say productions because in a sea of video releases out there by local and even national acts videos like this stand out as true productions. The time and effort put forth in this particular clip is evident from the start. Directed by Electric Legend Pictures’ founder Freddie Paull this video takes you from what could be described as the depths of hell (auditions for a reality TV talent show) to the literal depths of hell and face to face with the deity known as “Baphomet” and his minions in the bowels of Limbo.


Who better to follow on this journey through the fate of a show contestant than Squeegee frontman Danny Torgerson who gives an amazing performance as we take a satirical look behind the scenes on what may or may not happen to those contestants that never make it to the next step on shows like The Voice, American Idol, and any of the other countless network talent competitions. Torgerson starts in the crowded lobby and takes a trip on a doomed elevator and that is where the fun begins. From chase scenes to the reality show makeup chair we follow Danny as he is caught and prepped for his big chance in front of the judges only to be rejected and shoved down the “Losers” hole. Without giving away too much, this is one of the best scenes in local music video history. After reading what it took to even secure the location (an actual 18th-century mineshaft) for this segment of the video I would hope you appreciate the effort as much as I did. Torgerson races past hooded musicians (the band) only to encounter the previously mentioned creature known as “Baphomet”, a creation made possible by the one and only Brandon McGill . If you aren’t familiar with Brandon’s work do yourself a favor and click his name to see more.

Needless to say, Torgerson escapes and makes it back to the stage for an epic dance number featuring several faces you may recognize from our local music scene. In fact, you will probably recognize faces from around town throughout the entire video. The video comes full circle with an ending leaving you wondering if Danny will ever escape the dream he is living..or is it a nightmare? Bravo to everyone involved in the video, your hard work to showcase our local music is appreciated!

You really just have to see the video for yourself.


Video and Management Credits:

Electric Legend Pictures – Freddie Paull. Credits also include Bogan Via’s “Kanye” and Harrison Fjord’s “Approximately 906 Miles”

Record Label: 80/20 Records – Michael Zimmerlich

Management: Ranjani Jones

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