Music Festivals and Contests



If you need something to do over the next two weekends and you love music, Arizona has you covered in a big way. It all starts this weekend with the Mesa Music Festival taking place November 10th through 12th literally all over downtown Mesa. From main stages to performances at restaurants and shops along the way you won’t be able to avoid some great tunes. Best of all, everything is FREE. Shows, parking, all of it (ok, maybe not food but…) Headlined by Fuel and featuring keynote speaker and former Gilbert resident Chester Bennington from Linkin Park this event showcases up and coming acts from not only AZ but from around the country. You can hop from place to place and find great music no matter where you go! The music all takes place on Friday and Saturday but Thursday and Friday also include some great music symposiums with not only the aforementioned Chester Bennington but also Dave Ellefson from Megadeath and the valleys own Ed Masley from AZCentral and more. If I didn’t have a commitment Friday I would be there and I’m now trying to strategize how to see every band I want to see on Saturday. Learn more about everything going on at

The following Friday brings us something I am REALLY excited about and that is the finals for the Alice Cooper “Proof is in the Pudding” contest. Over the past few months, the field has been narrowed from 75 down to 18 in this showcase of young local talent. Seven bands compete in one category and 11 solo artists in another category. Open to artists 25 and under this contest put together by the always generous Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation gives these artists a chance to showcase themselves to the public and compete for music scholarships, prize money, and the opportunity to open for Alice Coopers Band “Hollywood Vampires” which includes Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Let me tell you, this year’s pool of finalists is absolutely stacked. No matter who is on stage you are guaranteed to be entertained. The event takes place on November 18th from 6pm till 10pm at Alice Cooperstown in downtown Phoenix. Details about the event and foundation are at this website: Solid Rock Teen Foundation

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