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Ricky Fitts

Hey all! I’m back from a bit of a hiatus, you know, planning and pulling off a music festival. It takes a bit out of you but I am back and ready to go about the business of getting to know more local bands. Events like Ball-A-Palooza and other local showcases have a way of making the talent level in Arizona all that much more apparent. So onward we go with The Ricky Fitts! I met guitarist Fletcher Milloy briefly as we played a show with his prior band a while back and I was recently following his exploits on Facebook. A cool video of note would be his outstanding execution of Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing” on a VERY expensive Fender Guitar while out music store hopping. I knew Fletcher had some chops before that, but daaaaammmn! Very impressive. The Ricky Fitts consist of Elliot James on Vox, Matt Brunsvold on Vox/Bass/Keys, Matt Meza on Guitar, Fletcher Milloy on Guitar and Alec Bushman on Drums. They came together in 2016 and busted out of the gates with a bang, releasing a 13 song (yes, 13 song) LP called The Great Beyond and have been getting rave reviews along with bigger and bigger shows ever since the release. I’m purposely leaving out how they got the name, comment on the story if you know where it came from!


How did The Ricky Fitts come together as a band?

It’s a long story, but the short version is that it was a combination of Craigslist and mutual friends. If you go to our YouTube channel you can learn more about us. 

What would you list as your biggest influences for your instrument or voice?

Michael Jackson, the king of pop. Insane showmanship, amazing beats, and melodies that will stand the test of time

Radiohead. One of the most experimental bands of all time. To go from “The Bends” to “Ok Computer” to “Kid A” back to back to back only to then release an album as good as In Rainbows 7 years later. They just aren’t afraid of going where bands have never gone before and we really admire that about them. 

M83. They really create an atmosphere with their synths and vocal effects. It’s music that takes you somewhere and we appreciate that as well. Each album, each song should be a journey. 

Tell me something about the band that no one knows, at least not until now. 

We have some tour dates in the works, we can’t say yet but definitely in the upcoming months. We also just got word that we are direct support for a really rad band at Crescent Ballroom. 

What’s the worst or most embarrassing moment for the band or one of you personally on stage?

Oh geez. No incredibly bad on-stage moments yet. However, about a year ago Fletcher was playing outside with a group at Comicon and they all decided to dress up despite the weather. It was during one of those crazy heatwaves so it was around 120 degrees. Everyone was throwing up from heat stroke, it was a rough time. 

So pretend each of you never met, and you can start a band with ANY musician. Who is it?

Matty – Josh Homme

Elliot – Danger Mouse

Alec – Kevin Parker

Fletcher- Jeff Mangum

Matt – Childish Gambino


If it is at all possible, each of you tell me your favorite song of all time.

Matty – Warning Sign by Coldplay

Elliot- The Warmth by Incubus

Fletcher – Let Down by Radiohead

Alec – 505 by Arctic Monkeys

Matt – Nothing but Trouble by Phantogram

Now, which song do you WISH you had written?

The Less I Know by Tame Impala, the bass riff is amazing!

What is your favorite song by a LOCAL band?

Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World


What is your favorite place to play live, and why?

The Crescent is rad. It is a great size, it is intimate but has huge energy, and great sound!

The best way to hear TRF, on your album or live?

Live is definitely going to be in your face and energetic, we change some things up to bring the record to life and try to make it something you can touch and feel. But our album was meant to be an experience by itself. So I guess you just have to do both!

Name 3 local bands our readers need to see or hear

Sunday at Noon. Jack and Nate are brothers and amazing musicians, and during their live set, Jack does these karate moves whenever his brother hits the cool!

Luxxe – There is a lot of hype for them locally and for very good reason. These guys are pros and they bring something really fresh and danceable to the indie scene. 

The Sink or Swim – Nate has one of the most recognizable voices in the scene. Niel is arguably in the top 3 most proficient bass players in Arizona. Louis is a beast live and on their recordings. The addition of Derek to the band set the standard for good, raw alternative guitar intimidatingly high. That band is an all-star group. 

Give me one word to describe the local scene


What, if anything, would you change about the local scene?

Lately, I’ve seen things change a lot for the better which I’m really glad to see. But I want to emphasize that this is a network, not a competition. If a band is better than you at something don’t get upset. Learn from them! It’s important to have a strong sense of direction for your band but in doing so don’t forget to look around at what others are doing or you are going to miss out on some really cool people, music, and most importantly inspiration!

Shamelessly promote yourselves, what is coming up for The Ricky Fitts?

Well if you are in LA we will be playing The Mint on April 11th and The Whiskey on May 12th with Oingo Boingo Dance Party. If you are here in AZ we will be playing Crescent Ballroom June 11th. Check out our album The Great Beyond on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Check out our website at, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! 

ed. note: Links as always are included below. 

Any final thoughts before we end?

Dolphins have their own language and different pitches are names that they assign to members of their group. 

Always be nice to your mom and buy her flowers. 

Always be careful when eating raw or undercooked meat. 

Sage words of advice from The Ricky Fitts! Thanks for taking the time gentlemen, and good luck in the future. For the readers, scroll down for more links to their music and social media. 

Ricky Fitts Facebook

Ricky Fitts Instagram

Twitter: @Therickyfitts



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