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The first time I head DWARF was when I was compiling a local playlist to put up on Spotify back in October of last year. I was directed to the song “Too Close To The Flame” and was instantly a fan. I was finally able to see them a couple of weeks ago playing the Painting Fences EP release show and I was not disappointed in the least. Sage Donaldson owns the stage as a singer/guitarist, while Dom holds down the beat on drums. As for Bailey, make sure to give the dude some real estate on the stage because he will use every bit of it. I’m not sure I have seen more energy coming from a bass player since well, one of his influences, the one and only Flea. I wanted to bring him a towel and a Powerade half way through the set just to make sure he was hydrated! Keep your eyes peeled for the next time they play, it is worth making the effort to go see them live.

How did the band come together?

We first started playing together when we were 16 years old. We were all in our High School marching band and began playing together during that time. 

Who are your main influences on your instrument or voice?

Sage: Jimmy Page and Dave Grohl for guitar, and Stevie Nicks for vocals

Bailey: Flea, Jared Followill, and Juan Aldrete

Dom: Jon Theodore, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Taylor Hawkins

Tell me something about the band that nobody knows, at least until now

We are so embarrassed of how we came up with the name DWARF that we make up a new story every time someone asks us. One of the most embarrassing things on stage was a First Friday show downtown. We were on a wood stage and Bailey was jumping and rocking out really hard and the stage broke and Bailey fell through it. 

If you weren’t playing together and could start a band with anyone, who would it be?

Sage would start a band with Liza Graves, Bailey would start a band with John Frusciante, and Dom would start a band with Nai Palm. 

What is your absolute favorite song of all time?

Sage: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

Bailey: Arcarsenal by At The Drive In

Dom: Stranger Things by Periphery 

What song do you wish you had written?

Sage: What’s Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly

Bailey: Cicatriz by ESP

Dom: Language by The Contourtionist

Who are your favorite local bands?

Sage: The Haymarket Squares

Bailey: Twin Ponies

Dom: Captive Cooks

Where is your favorite place to play locally?

The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, we can always trust the sound to be good, the staff and Manny are awesome and the drinks are great. We also love to play Last Exit Live

Who are some locals that our readers need to hear or see?

Scarlet 13, Lonesome Wilderness, and Hostile Work Environment

What is one word to describe the local music scene


What, if anything, would you change about the local scene?

There are a lot of music venues so spread out around the valley and that makes it harder for people to come to shows. We would change the proximity of all the venues and make them closer!

What shows do you have coming up? Where can people come see you soon?

June 16th and July 8th at the Rogue Bar. We will also have an EP coming out in late June. We have a brand new song out called “Take A Number”, you can hear our music on our website. (Link below)

Here are some links to where you can see or hear DWARF!


DWARF Facebook

“Too Close To The Flame” Music Video




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