Dopamine by The Sink or Swim

A quick Google search of “Dopamine” can give you something like this for an explanation:

Dopamine: the molecule behind all our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings. 

But in this case, Dopamine is the single I’ve been craving to be released for a long time. It has been my favorite Sink or Swim song since the first time I heard them play it live and that is not an easy task because I like just about everything these cats put out.  Any band that has been playing routinely will have a song that when they play it at a show they inevitably are asked after the show by fans when they are going to release it as a single. This is that exact song for The Sink or Swim. Dopamine was truly one of those songs that when I first heard it, and it may have been inside my head or out loud, but I said holy shit that song is amazing. This is a tour-de-force song for TSOS.

The song was just released yesterday as a reward to fans for helping them reach 75% of their Pledge music goal for an upcoming EP. An EP that oddly enough won’t include this song. It’s a prime example of the boys giving the fans what they want while working to reach a goal. Excellent marketing guys, a job well done because I contributed early JUST to get this song and I’m warning you now that it will be stuck in your head or on your playlist for quite a while.

As for the song, it starts off with a sparse guitar riff and slowly builds with what I can only call an Erlich-style groove as Niel has a sound all his own on many songs and this is no exception. Nate and his unmistakable voice kick in the verse with a cleverly mixed Derek in the background. Then the entire band comes in with a fury at the chorus at the perfect time to literally give you a shot of dopamine just by hearing the song. I dare you not to sing along with the chorus hook by the end, I’m writing this piece with this song circling around in my head, it’s THAT type of song. If this is what we have in store for the songs that WILL be on the new EP, then our earholes are all in for a treat when it arrives.


Photo: Rachel Smith – RaySquared Productions

Click here>>>>>>> Pledge Music The Sink or Swim to support their campaign

Listen to the new song here

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