I’ve Returned with The Glides!

Well hello everyone! It has been a while hasn’t it? I don’t know if you all were sitting in front of your computers just going crazy wondering what had happened to The Local Lowdown or not, but to boost my own ego I’m going to say that you were if that is okay with you. 🙂 But seriously, I took a bit of a hiatus over the summer to recharge the batteries, take a vacation, have a band break-up, and then finally decide to start back up again.

But enough about ME, how about The Glides! They will officially have the title of my “return article”, or “comeback article”. Whatever we decide to call it in the history of blogs they are IT. The Glides are gearing up to release a brand new EP in just over a week (at the writing of this article at least) and are kind of making the local rounds to promote it so when they popped up on my feed I jumped at the chance to have them interview for the site so they can promote here as well.

The Glides are Travis Kenny, Mark Harrison, Paul Perron and Rikki Stixx and I love the way they describe their music…Alternative, Retro, Groove. I like it because it actually does describe their music. Especially the groove part as you cant help but tap your foot along with the tunes and I’ve yet to see them live but I can imagine the crowd definitely gets into the show as well! This was a fun one, so let’s get on with it!

How did you come together as a band?
TK – We were at a cocktail party in Scottsdale after a curling tournament the first time we all met, we just didn’t know that we all played music at the time. Any other stories you may have heard about how the band formed could also be true.
Mark – We all had mutual friends in other bands and had met each other at other shows or in passing. Travis eventually organized all of us to get together for a jam session. I remember we basically had 4 original songs after our first time jamming together.
Rikki – I can tell you it involved alcohol.
Give me your 3 influences on your instrument (or voice)
Paul – Wow, interesting question! Bass specific I’m going to have to say Steve Harris, Flea and Eddie spaghetti. Over the years I’ve seen the supersuckers more than any other band.
Mark – Guitar. My main influences are my teachers from around the Phoenix area. Chuck
Hulihan from Glendale Community College, Pete Pancrazi from Mesa Community College, and Frank Koonce from Arizona State University. Whenever this question is asked of a musician, the answer is normally an artist who is famous or had great commercial success. I have those too, but these teachers are the people who have had the most influence on me as a musician.
Rikki – Anything I have listened to my entire life would be an influence. I really like Danny Carey, Matt Cameron and Chad Smith’s playing.
TK– Rob Halford, Roy Orbison, Wilson Pickett

Tell me something about the band that no one knows…Yet. This is the LOWDOWN 
TK – When the band first started the hardest thing for us was coming up with a name for the band. We had performed at an open mic night under the name Dirty Pool. We also had another name for a short time that I won’t even mention, but let’s just say people laughed at it. When our buddies from Dephinger helped us book our first show at Chopper John’s we still hadn’t decided on a name and they put us on the bill as DooDoo Slide and The Glides. We decided to drop the DooDoo Slide and that’s how we became The Glides.
Rikki – Someone may have leaked this before, but we all used to be on a curling team.
Mark – The Glides started off with aspirations of being a traditional blues band until we wrote the song “One Time.” At that point we began trying to write songs that were not only danceable, but incorporated elements from retro styles.
Paul – We’re all Shameless heterosexuals!
Worst or most embarrassing on-stage occurrence for the band or one of you personally
Rikki – Ending a song before the last verse and having to count it back in where I ended it. Oops.
TK – I’m at a point in my career where I can say nothing is going to really embarrass me on stage, it has probably all happened before. I will say that the only time I am not having fun on stage is when we have an equipment failure. If an amp blows out or there is a short in my mic cord, it can ruin my night in a hurry.
Paul – The night my Spandex split from the ball of socks popped out! Oh sorry that was Phil Moog of UFO.
Each of you have never met, and you can each start a band with ANY musician. Who is it?
Paul – Man this came up in the studio recording the EP and I told those guys there was nobody I would rather record with. No way these songs would have been any better. Can’t honestly answer this one.
Mark – Billy Idol comes to mind.
Rikki – Chris Cornell
TK – I would have to say Nick “Sludge Guts” Sewell, the drummer for Dephinger. Not only is Nick a talented musician, he is the James Brown of the Phoenix music
scene. Hardest working man that I have ever met in the business, hands down.
Each of you tell me your favorite song of all time
TK – It’s so hard to pick just one song, there are a thousand that come to mind. I would have to say “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”, the whole album by David Bowie. I could put this album on repeat for a month and be just fine.
Paul – Have to say Stairway to Heaven, cuz it’s the greatest rock song ever written.
Rikki – I can’t narrow it down to just one favorite. Can’t do it.
What song do you wish you had written?
Rikki – I wish I had written that “Happy Birthday” song. It brings smiles to so many faces and it also makes people uncomfortable when they have to sing it.
Mark – I’ve got nothing. I’ll say, “The Last In Line,” by Dio.
Paul – Stairway to Heaven, cuz it’s the greatest rock song ever written.
TK – Six Nails by Untooned. You have to listen to this
(https://fatjoesatan.bandcamp.com/album/untooned-untooned). It’s not good music by any means, in fact it’s terrible, but it’s hilarious. I wish I had written this song. It’s one of my favorite things in the world!
Now tell me your favorite song by a LOCAL band
Mark – Anything by The Early Grabs. I love the raw energy they bring in creating their unique brand of skate punk.
Paul – Going Down to Buckeye
TK – Going Down to Buckeye, Phunk Junkeez even if it’s not really about Buckeye, Arizona.
Rikki – Rabid Rabbit – “Owen Dolka”
Favorite place to play live, and why?
TK – Without a doubt, my favorite place to play in Phoenix is Pho Cao on McDowell. They have a great stage and sound system, and they are huge supporters of the local Phoenix scene as a whole. They are also big supporters of our favorite radio station KWSS
93.9 FM. Did I mention the food is fantastic, some of the best Asian cuisine around.
Mark – Richard Noggin’s Tavern. This place has a great vibe and awesome owners and staff. It’s small and feels like you are playing at an old school house party. It’s a great place to feed off of the crowd energy.
Paul – Rhythm Room, cuz it’s just such a great sounding room.
Rikki – The legendary Rhythm Room. So many great musicians have been on that stage. It was a humbling experience.

Best way to hear you, Live at a venue or on a recorded work?
Rikki – As fun as the live shows are, check out either of our studio recordings on a quality
system. (Ear buds might be okay, but you really want to feel these songs)
Paul – I would have to say live at Cactus Jack’s, cuz they have such a great sound system
TK – I would normally say live because you get whole different energy with us live than you doon recording. However, with the way people consume music today
I would say the best place to hear us is on Spotify. Our new album, Go Go Go will be live on Spotify on September 22nd.
Name 3 local bands that our readers need to see or hear
TK – Well, there are so many great local bands that we have had a chance to play with over the past 2 years that I wouldn’t be able to pick only 3, without
leaving out some great bands. Since I only get to pick 3, I am going to name 3 bands that we haven’t have a chance to play with yet, but that I really respect what they are doing.
One band that I have come upon this year that I really like is Weslynn. If you get a chance, check out the video for their song “Black” on YouTube. I really
enjoyed both the song and the overall production of the video.
Another band that I have to mention is Luxxe. It seems like every time we put in for something cool like a chance to open for Bon Jovi, or a chance to play
at Lost Lake Festival, it seems like they are always getting chosen. So they must really be doing something right. I haven’t had a chance to see them live yet, but I really enjoyed their new track “The Right Stuff” that just came out last week. A buddy
of mine saw them open up for Lydia (another band that got their start here but is now on a national stage) and said they put on a fantastic show. The Ricky Fitts album The Great Beyond is probably my favorite local album so far this year. I have spent quite a bit of time listening to it on Spotify. Iam not sure that the winner has been officially announced yet, but I know they were leading the voting to play at Lost Lake the last time that I checked. (editors note: The Ricky Fitts did win the opportunity to play at Lost Lake)
Congratulations to them, they have a really unique sound and deserve all the accolades they are getting.
Mark – If anyone hasn’t already been to a Hogjaw performance, I highly recommend the
experience. These guys write great rock songs that have cool arrangements and have an amazingly tight performance and energy.
Paul – Oh Dephinger for sure! The Darts, and The Early Grabs.
Give me ONE word to describe the local music
Mark – Inspiring
Paul – Underappreciated
TK – Barony – that would be the second dictionary definition relating to the division of counties in Ireland. In other words, its very segmented. There is a West valley scene, an East valley scene, a metal scene, a punk scene….
What (if anything) would you change about our local scene
Mark – The Glides and my other projects have been fortunate in that other local bands have been gracious and helpful in supporting our pursuits. I like to see bands that are helpful to up and coming bands trying to make their way on the local scene. Sort of this, “we’re all in it together” type of attitude.
Paul – More Westside venues.
TK – Absolutely nothing, it’s strong and thriving, the press and local radio are easily accessible,
the fans friendly and supportive, bookers are accessible and generally fair, it’s all really nice compared to some other cities I’ve played in.
Shamelessly promote, What is coming up for you? List everything you can think of
Mark – We are doing our EP Release Party at Richard Noggin’s on Sept. 23. We are also
performing at State 48 Brewery on Sept. 30 and then we are off to Solana Beach, California on Oct. 19 to entertain the Saddle Bar.
Rikki – The new studio recording, CD release party at Richard Noggins September 23rd, KWSS interview on September 14th, upcoming studio recording to include horns and a Hammond B3 and lots of upcoming shows including New Year’s Eve at The Beaver Bar, Desert Ridge Marketplace in November.
Final thoughts? Anything goes
Rikki – Thanks for including The Glides in the Local Low Down.

I say THANK YOU to The Glides for bringing me back into the publishing realm!


As always, here are the MULTIPLE places you can check out the featured artist, including a link to the Facebook event for their upcoming release show! Please scroll down to hear and see more of them!

Go! Go! Go! EP Release Show


The Glides on Facebook


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